About Greg

Photography is my way of sharing with others how I see the world around me. My photos are mainly from adventures traveling the US and hiking in various parks, where I enjoy the challenge of finding interesting shapes and juxtapositions in nature and making the most of situations I discover.

I find that the little scenes often overlooked by others are the ones that fuel my photographic creativity. I am always looking beyond the obvious and photographing the things that others might not even notice like an acorn sprouting, the patterns made by rust and faded paint on an old automobile, or textures in the windblown sand of a local beach. Sometimes the most amazing images are right there under your feet.

Photography provides me with an artistic escape from my day job as an aerospace engineer.  I live in the Denver, CO area, but I grew up in Maryland, where I was a frequent repeat invite for judging and leading critiques at local camera clubs.  I have been praised for my constructive critiques and ability to tailor my feedback to different levels of photographers.   I enjoy teaching others and sharing my passion and I am available to speak or judge at your camera club. See my Presentations page for a list and description of presentations I have given at clubs in the past.

For all inquires, email me at imagesunderfoot@gmail.com