Abstract photos are one of my true passions.  I enjoy looking at things closely and finding new angles to view things to create a unique image.  For me, an abstract is any image where you are representing the subject in an unusual way, with a focus on line, shape, form and light versus a documentary image from a wide-angle of view. Without reading my descriptions, if you view these photos and ask “What is that?” then I’ve succeeded in my mission.


Along with my abstract photos, I enjoy exploring close-ups of subjects. Studying the details of a subject gives me a whole new appreciation for the subject.  These subjects may be as small as the button on my paints and as large as a five-foot diameter bolted door of a factory motor; scale is obscured in these types of photos. Sometimes interesting things are right under your feet.


I am always on the look out for eery things and abandoned places.  As things age and fade from neglect, they take on an interesting character that I find appealing.  I enjoy examining old barns and abandoned buildings, wondering what they were used for before they were left to rot.  I take pictures of beautiful flowers, but I am more captivated by dead flowers and open seed pods that are overlooked by others.  To me, these things have more character and are just as interesting as all the ‘pretty’ things we see every day.


My travels to National Parks provide me with plenty of extraordinary vistas.  Waking up early in the morning and trudging out in the darkness to set up and wait for the sun is one of the great joys of being a photographer.  I enjoy watching and waiting for the right moment to capture the feeling of nature.


I am always on the lookout for images with strong contrast, opposites, or things that seem out of place.  Sometimes it is just a matter of spotting bold color combinations or varying textures. 


I enjoy the timeless quality of monochrome images. Through study of great photographers of the early to mid 1900s, I have honed in on what I like about monochrome imagery and developed my own style of monochrome conversions. I have created several presentations for camera clubs around black and white photography.


Exploration of the nude form is a recent avenue I have found that provides a unique creative experience. I occasionally work with models one on one, or through organized workshops and enjoy collaborating on the creative process. My images intend to project mystery, beauty, or even abstract forms, rather than to titillate as one might expect from the nude form. To see more of my current work, check out my Instagram page. You can also follow me on Model Mayhem #4214299 or my Model Society Page.